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T z a d d i | Maze to the Stars
A Reflection on Walls, Dominance, and Order

Project Timeline


3 Months prior to Exhibition

Phase I
Call shipping company to make arrangements for shipment of installation.
Purchase & pick up 4' x 8' (or 10') sheets of metal for Maze.
Deliver sheet metal and designs with down payment to plasma cutting studio for the following order :
Plasma cut electronically: Grim Reaper and KKK silhouettes (these will be used for the construction of the Maze walls).

Phase II
Research and seek out scrap copper and aluminum wire & colored glass (for Tree, if applicable)
Purchase primer, paint, and/or acid wash for silhouette cut-outs.
Purchase hardware and/or rivets for assemblage of panels.
Purchase other necessary tools and supplies

Phase III
Pick up order from plasma cutting studio.
Build jigs and begin production process for assemblage of silhouette panels (to form Walls).
Weld and/or rivet square tube frames around panels, then prime and paint.

Phase IV
(Dependent upon site specifications) > Purchase & pick up metal for Tree.

2 Months prior to Exhibition

Phase I
Purchase supplies for Ring of Fire.
(dependent upon site) > Begin metal structure for Tree.
Begin assemblage - Ring of Fire.

Phase II
Purchase lights for Maze.
Order propane.
Purchase Red Ribbon.
(dependent upon site) >
Continue work on Tree and start detailing.
Purchase supplies for Mummies.
Complete construction of all walls for Maze.
Start making the male & female Mummies.

Phase III
Complete assemblage of Ring of Fire and test.
Complete Mummies.

(dependent upon site) > Complete construction of Tree.

2-4 weeks prior to Exhibition

Phase I
Break down Ring of Fire and pack for shipment.
Pack then load all other installation parts (Maze walls, tools, other supplies, and Tree if applicable) for transport.

Phase Il
Offload truck at exhibition space.
Begin assemblage of installation.
Assemble Ring of Fire and place Mummies on site.

Phase III
Pick up propane & test Ring of Fire.
Tie Blank Books to Tree and place sharpie markers
out for participant use.
Complete installation process.

Phase IV
Clean up installation area & remove tools and other articles from site.

Post Exhibition
Return propane tanks.
Break down and pack metal panels, Ring of Fire, and Tree for return transport.
Remove Blank Books from Tree.
Pack tools.
Clean Up area.

Load Out

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