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T z a d d i | Maze to the Stars
A Reflection on Walls, Dominance, and Order

Grim Reapers > North Side


Dimensions : 2 silhouettes per 4' x 8' steel panel
location | walls - north & west sides of Maze

Meaning within the Maze: The Grim Reaper is the Gatekeeper to the "other side" and represents all that is unknown to us mortals. We fear him, yet we know that at any unexpected or expected moment he will tap us on the shoulder and call us into the abyss that leads us into the after life - whatever that may be - A predetermined fate? Or, merely a return to dust, bone, and ashes? The certainty and uncertainty this character reveals must be overcome to exit the haze of life, as well as the maze itself. While the black of the Reaper invokes fear, ironically, it is through death that we may obtain a release from the material plain and possibly move on to the light, to something good, or better, toward nirvana.

From Overhead:
The painted metal walls of BLACK Grim Reaper's and WHITE of the KKK robes all form the symbol of yin and yang.

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