Lisa Nigro
T z a d d i | Maze to the Stars
A Reflection on Walls, Dominance, and Order
Sketch of Southside Entrance

Final Dimensions : 2 silhouettes per 4' x 8' steel panel
location | outer walls - south & east sides of Maze

Meaning within the Maze: The Klan represents our fears as Americans with regard to racial disputes, black vs. white ethnicity, and a general difference of ethics between north and south: a divided nation. The bible thumpers reside here, and it is through side-stepping, square dancing, or confronting the "other" that we are able to search for truth in our religious beliefs, disbeliefs, and spirituality. A dichotomy is created with the white of the KKK actually invoking fear, when generally we think of white as light, and good.

From Overhead: The painted metal walls of BLACK Grim Reaper's and WHITE of the KKK robes all form the symbol of yin and yang.

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