Lisa Nigro
T z a d d i | Maze to the Stars
A Reflection on Walls, Dominance, and Order

Mock-up for KKK Walls in the South

Final Dimensions : 2 silhouettes per 4' x 8' steel panel

Meaning within the Maze:
The Klan represents our fears as Americans with regard to racial disputes, black vs. white ethnicity, and a general difference of ethics between north and south: a divided nation. The bible thumpers reside here, and it is through side stepping, square dancing, or confronting the "other" that we are able to search for truth in our religious beliefs, disbeliefs, and/or spiritual practices. A dichotomy is created with the white of the KKK actually invoking fear, when generally we think of white as light, and good.

From Overhead: The painted metal walls of BLACK Grim Reaper's and WHITE of the KKK robes all form the symbol of yin and yang.

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