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Draka is a 112-ft long, mobile/kinetic sculpture built on a truck pulling three trailers. With the creation of this fire-breathing beast Lisa has given the mythological dragon new meaning. Originally created in 2000 in Black Rock Desert, NV, Draka is made of mostly recycled materials ~ 55-gallon steel drums make up her scales and old cedar shingles swell on her belly. She is capable of blowing a 50-ft burst of flame, and inside the bowels of the beast there's a full bar, elegant décor, room for live music and comfortable seating for approximately 50 -75 people.

Lisa’s vision of Draka was inspired by the book Wicked - The Life & Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, by Gregory Maguire, and his description of a Dragon Clock Tower that roamed from village to village displaying twisted puppet theatre.

On May 14, 2002 an accidental fire sparked by a welding machine sent Draka’s belly up in flames. From the ashes Lisa was then able to reconsider, then reconstruct, all that had been rushed in her original construction two years prior. During the summer months of 2000-05 over 100 volunteers worked under Lisa’s direction making repairs & improvements while learning metalworking skills.

Draka was created and refurbished with the assistance of grants from the Burning Man Art Festival, the Houston Art Car Museum, and the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art. Draka currently resides in Houston, Texas and has attended Everyone's Art Car Parade 2004-08.

The Draka team is currently planning a tour for 2009. Please check back later this year for more details!



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2005-8 | Houston  

  An unpleasant moment w/ Houston Police > Later at the Art Car Museum (2007)  
  2004 | NV > Houston
  2003 | Burnin'Bush  

2002 | rebuilt after fire

  2002 | Fire 5.14      


2001 | BRC-DPT


2000 | Spirit of "Man"

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